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The Idea of starting a Look-Up for Ventures started by CEGians must have struck many of us, many a times. But we did not know where to start, where to find these CEG Entrepreneurs. There is the Internet, but then our Alumni identify themselves as Madras University, Anna University and so on.

In 2011, for the first time there was an attempt to get the Global Alumni of CEG together. The CEG Alumni Meet was planned, thanks to AJB and Vish and a Vivek Audi full of Alumni who turned up from various corners of India, as well as from US via Voice Conference.

But more than the Meet, the Facebook Page was what brought 5000+ Alumni Together.

In the CEGAM 2011 meet, a 10 minute session was to be presented on the need to get the CEG Entrepreneurs networked, in the presence of the current Dean, Dr. Sekhar.

Towards this a lets-take-a-chance post was made to the CEGAM FB page, asking the name of CEG Startups that people knew of.  In less than 1.5 hours, the below slide was filled by a downpour of names of Companies, started by CEGians.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.03.15 AM

A colleague said, just imagine how many of them must be out there, and you all don’t even know!

So here it is, all the Ventures started by CEGians.

Any Venture started by a CEGian can be added to this Page. Please go to this link to add:


Here’s to the Power of Creation that CEG has been giving all its Alumni, for 200+ years!

4 thoughts on “CEG Creates

  1. Name of your Company : Seer7 Timeless Solutions

    One Line Description of what Company does:
    Offers leadership training for students, based on Thirukkural.

    Your Name : Kannan T

    Your CEG Batch (From Year – To Year) : 1994-1998

    The CEG department you belonged to : Mechanical

    Your Contact details (LinkedIn, Twitter) : Kannan T on LinkedIn, @tkan75 on Twitter.

  2. Name of your Company : EduRaft

    One Line Description of what Company does
    EduRaft provides information of all schools, Tuitions, Sports , Hobby Classes, Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities.

    Your Name : Thirukumaran Nagarajan

    Your CEG Batch (From Year – To Year) 2002-2006

    The CEG department you belonged to EEE

    Your Contact details (LinkedIn, Twitter) http://in.linkedin.com/pub/thirukumaran-nagarajan/42/702/518

    To help us validate, please ensure your LinkedIn profile shows College of Engineering, Guindy and not just “Anna University” , “Madras University” etc.

    Website of the Company http://www.eduraft.com

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