OneLiner: India’s first unique and innovative product, that uses the “language of sports” – to make learning interesting and easy to grasp.

CEGian: Kris Srikkanth


Twitter- @careerstrokes


Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engineering ( EEE )

Batch: 1976-1981

Company Website:

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  1. Besides, we also wish to add the other e-learning modules, viz. and Kindly let us know how this could be done.
    India’s first unique and innovative program, which use the “language of sports” to make learning interesting and easy to grasp!!
    Program on personality development, career enhancement and employability skills – designed and developed to bridge the divide between academics and Industry demand. An absolute MUST for the youth of India.

    Kris Srikkanth uses the language of cricket and other sports to teach Math and Science – to make learning enjoyable. :

    The program teaches all aspects and nuances of cricket right from basics of batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping, fitness, etc.

    The following to be added in categories >others – Employability skills – must for today’s youth

    Batch: 1976-1981

    contact person:

    • Thank you for the information. Have updated the Batch.

      The information provided by you in the comment will be useful for visitors of this page. Thanks.

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