The Picture Machine

Who we are? : Our name, The Picture Machine, is what exactly who are. We believe in turning dreams into reality and would love to work round clock to get our crazy story ideas appeal to people of all age-groups. And, our team aims to create simple yet intriguing videos that garners a lot of attention. Hey, its really a challenge to keep it simple these days.

What we do? : We believe that we can give life to the simplest of ideas, in the form of a film. So, be it ad films or viral films or corporate films, The Picture Machine would strive hard enough to strike the right chord in your mind.

Our team : We have a young talented team, who would multi-task and give quality products. Cos, it’s simple, we believe in the fact, “Let our work/product do all the talking”.

What we do with our films? : Our motto goes like this, ” Social media is our drug and we are already addicted to it. “

Founder : Antony Jacson

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